De Lindenberg

Air trampoline

  • Large air trampoline
  • Safe
  • Jumping fun for the children

On the playground of the holiday park, De Lindenberg has a big 80 square metres air trampoline. Your children can play here all day long to their heart's desire with other children their age. The air trampoline is very safe, so even little children can play on it. Moreover, our recreation team keeps an eye on them.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the serenity and forested area. A lovely walk or a bike trip in one of the many nature reserves in the area would be an option. Or you can enjoy a simple, relaxing day in the park. De Lindenberg offers you all the facilities you need in order to have a carefree vacation.

  • 80 square metres air trampoline,
  • Jumping fun for all the children
  • Fully equipped playground in the bungalow park
  • Forested and peaceful environment
  • Carefree enjoyment in the Netherlands

Enjoying the air trampoline
If your children are having fun, you will also be able to enjoy yourselves. It may sound like a cliche, but it's really true. At bungalow park De Lindenberg you won't have to worry about it. Equipped with a big playground, a swimming pool and surroundings ready to be explored, everybody will be entertained. And if you wish, it's also possible to have a day of total peace at your cosy accommodation.

Air trampoline De Lindeberg
Air trampoline holiday park De Lindenberg