De Lindenberg

Enamel and moped museum... A feast of recognition!

  • Unique collection
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Also moped museum (by appointment)

Enamel and moped museum

Who doesn't know them: the bowls with sand, soap and soda or the beautiful tea and sugar containers one would find in every kitchen? They may appear to be gone, but they are still around at our place. What started out as an innocent hobby, has grown into our very own enamel museum, accessible for free for all visitors.

For instance, we display old petroleum sets and special pan sets, but also a number of crockery sets sorted by color. And all special enamel colors are represented. Isn't it special to enjoy a cup of coffee with some pastry, while being surrounded by all these special items?

  • Enamel museum with unique collection
  • Free entry for everyone
  • Travel over 50 years back in time
  • Teach your (grand)children about the life you used to lead
  • In our cozy restaurant at the park

Opening hours enamel museum

The enamel museum with the old mopeds is temporarily closed.


Wheelchair accessible and disabled bathroom available.
Dogs are not allowed indoors!

Travel back in time in our enamel museum

In addition to all of the enamel one can see here, we've collected many additional museum pieces for you. How about a selection of special mopeds from the 60's? Is your old moped among them? Or the billboards you used to see everywhere, but which have been out of sight for several decades?

Do you have a question first? Go ahead and ask, we are here for you!

Back in time in our enamel museum

Besides all the enamel you can see here, we've also collected many other museum pieces for you. What about a collection of special mopeds from the 1960s? Is your moped there too? Or the advertising billboards that were once everywhere, but now you haven't seen for decades.

Do you have questions first? Please feel free to ask, we're there for you!


Opening hours enamel museum

Mo to Sa: 09.00 to 17.00
Sunday: 12.00 to 17.00


  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Toilet for the disabled.
  • No dogs allowed inside!

Opening hours Moped museum

Only by appointment
Entrance fee € 4.00 per person

  • Toilet for the disabled.
  • Not wheelchair-accessible.
  • No dogs allowed inside!