Holidaypark De Lindenberg
Indoor playing

Indoor playground

  • Safe indoor playing
  • Also ideal in case of warm weather thanks to the shade
  • Large building blocks corner
  • Heated and cooled

For a small vacation park like De Lindenberg, it's amazing to see how many facilities are being offered. For example, the indoor playground, especially suitable for children aged 4-10. Our young guests can climb, jump and play here. There also is a LEGO table in the indoor playground, so that creative children can also enjoy themselves.

Meanwhile you can play with them, or you can choose to relax without being interrupted. That's possible at your accommodation, which has enough space around it, or at our restaurant, 't Kuyerhuus.

  • Indoor playground in our bungalow park
  • The children enjoy themselves, even if the weather turns bad
  • Safe and child-friendly play equipment
  • Bungalow park in a forested area
  • Enjoy yourself without worrying in natural area

Indoor playground for small children
If your children are having fun, then you will also have a great time. It may sound as a cliche, but you know that it's really true. At De Lindenberg you won't need to worry about your children. With a swimming pool, playground and our indoor playground, they won't have time to get bored.
But De Linderberg also offers yourself various distractions. For example, a restaurant or the many biking and walking routes in the park's surroundings. Of course, you can also relax at your accommodation, where your privacy is guaranteed.

Indoor playground