De Lindenberg

Large playground

  • Extensive (covered) playground
  • Air trampoline
  • All day long entertainment for the children

Your reason for going on a vacation is probably relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones. And of course you wish for a a spacious and forested environment.
Well, we can offer you that here at bungalow park De Lindenberg.

But no matter how important serenity and space are for you, your children wish for a place where they can play and meet other children their age. In our large playground that's not problem at all. They can entertain themselves there the whole day. And what if it rains a little or they're expose to too much sun? That also is no problem, because they can continue playing in the indoor playground in our park. What more could they wish for?

  • A cosy bungalow park with a large playground
  • Unwind in a forested environment
  • Also an indoor playground for rainy days or days with too much sun.
  • Carefree enjoyment, with spacious accommodations
  • Your children will very quicly meet other children their age in our park

All-day entertainment in our large playground
A big sandbox, a fun air trampoline and other playground equipment that you would expect in a playground: that is what your children will find in bungalow park De Lindenberg. Our recreational team assures the safety of your children while playing with their peers. This way you can take a walk or a bike trip while your children are playing. If you want, you can also just relax.

Contact information and booking
You can easily book an accommodation in bungalow park De Lindenberg on our website. Of course, we are always available if you have more questions. We hope to see you soon!

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Large playground