De Lindenberg

Water playground

  • Hours of fun for the children
  • Cool down during hot days
  • Building sandcastles

Water and sand, these are the perfect ingredients for your children to play for hours. Messing around and building sand castles with real water canals. In our water playground the children can pump water from the ground. It's not just fun, but also sustainable. After that they can play with it in the sand box.

While the children are playing, you can relax. That's possible at your accommodation, but also at the swimming pool or on the terrace of our restaurant, Kuyerhuus. During high season there will be a recreation team, so that you can let the children play without worrying about it.

  • Water playground providing many hours of fun
  • Bungalow park in a forested environment
  • Carefree enjoyment at your cosy accommodation
  • A lot of facilities in the park, but also in the surrounding area
  • Perfect place for a holiday in the Netherlands

Splashing around in the water playground
With a playground, an indoor playground, an air trampoline and a water playground, the children will have a lot to explore in our bungalow park. Adults also have no reason to be bored. However, if you choose to spend a day doing absolutely nothing, that is also possible. Because the bungalows are set up with quite a bit of space between them, your peace and privacy are guaranteed.

Water playground