1. Top quality bicycles
  2. Also electrical bicycles
  3. Pick-up and hand-in on the holiday park

Bicycle rental prices

On holiday park De Lindenberg you can choose from many different bicycles. Because of our long-standing collaboration with Jan Stam Bicycle Rental from Holten you can be sure you will receive top quality bicycles. Electrical bicycles with excellent radius are also available for rent. We would like to advise you to reserve electrical and all-terrain bikes in advance.


Bikes per day € 10.00
Bicycle per weekend € 22.00
Bikes per midweek € 29.00
Bicycle per week € 50.00
E-Bike per day € 25.00
E-Bike per weekend € 55.00
E-Bike per midweek € 75.00
E-bike per week € 110.00
Children's bicycle per day € 7.00
Children's bicycle per weekend € 12.50
Children's bicycle per midweek € 18.00
Children's bicycle per week € 30.00
Child seat (front or rear) per day € 2.50
Child seat (front or rear) per weekend € 4.00
Child seat (front or rear) per midweek € 5.00
Child seat (front or rear) per week € 8.50

Other options also possible, ask at the reception desk

Weekend is from Friday 12:00 - Monday 12:00 hours

Midweek is from Monday 12:00 - Friday 12:00 hours

When renting for a day, the bicycle will have to be handed in on the same day before 8 pm.

Holiday park with bike rental