1. Overijssel
  2. Diverse
  3. Plenty of bicycle and hiking opportunities
  4. Small-scale stay

The ultimate holiday picture: you, with a drink on the edge of the swimming pool, where your children are playing. Right? A lot of people don't see this picture and think about a bungalow in Overijssel, they much sooner think about Southern France, Spain or Italy.

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Holiday home in Twente

At holiday park De Lindenberg, you will find 9 different types of holiday homes. There is probably a holiday home in Overijssel that is perfect for you! All types are detached and have a private garden of at least 400m2. Would you like a holiday home in Twente for 6 people? Then Luxury Bungalow Type E is very suitable for you. This luxury bungalow in Twente has a cozy interior and is equipped with, among other things, a spacious terrace, bicycle storage with charging point, and private parking. Are you looking for a holiday home in Twente for 8 people? Then Luxury Bungalow Type G is an excellent choice! This 8-person holiday home in Twente has a cozy interior, has four very spacious bedrooms, and has a luxurious kitchen with a fridge with freezer among other things. Looking for a holiday bungalow in Overijssel for a smaller group? Take a look at our offer to find a suitable bungalow in Overijssel in our holiday park in Twente.

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