De Lindenberg
Senior holiday in the Netherlands

Bungalow park for senior citizens

  • Small-scale holiday park for seniors
  • A lot of peace and privacy
  • Nearby the Sallandse Heuvelrug

Holiday park De Lindenberg is located at the edge of National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug. This means that active senior citizens will find everything their heart desires with tens of kilometres in cycling and walking routes. You can start as soon as you leave the park. And if you haven't brought your own bicycle? We can always help you with our bicycle rental.
But also active senior citizens sometimes need a day of rest. In that case too you'll want for nothing. Our heated swimming pool with sun terrace is the ideal spot to relax. Would you like some more privacy? Our renovated holiday homes with bicycle storage are located in a forested area. Nobody will bother you here.

  • The perfect holiday destination for active senior citizens
  • Enjoy unwinding at the outdoor pool
  • Bring your own bicycles or get them from our bicycle rental
  • Beautiful surroundings, at the edge of a nature reserve
  • Many possibilities for walking or cycling
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Vacation park for the elderly

Are you looking for a vacation for the elderly or are you taking the elderly on vacation? De Lindenberg is a vacation park for elderly and is located on the edge of Nationaal Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug. This means you can enjoy tens of kilometers of bicycle and walking routes during your stay. As soon as you leave the park, you can start. Did not bring your bicycle? You can always rent a bicycle on our vacation park in Holten. But the elderly also need a day of rest once in a while. Also in that case, your vacation with the elderly will not lack a thing. Because our heated pool with solar terrace is the ideal place to relax. Our holiday homes in our vacation park are in a woody environment. No one will bother you there.

  • Small vacation park for the elderly
  • Relax completely in the outside pool
  • Bring your own bicycle or rent one here
  • Beautiful environment on the edge of a national park
  • Many options for cycling or walking

Bungalow park for senior citizens

We can also help you with your personal wishes. We have a number of
adapted bungalows and holiday homes and in consultation will provide everything you need. This way you can enjoy the natural surroundings in the best possible way, without lacking anything.
Will you be bringing the grandchildren? They won't quickly forget a holiday in De Lindenberg, thanks to the swimming pool, tennis court and indoor playground! Book an accommodation in our holiday park and ensure yourself a wonderful holiday.

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πŸ“ Where can I book a great 50-plus holiday in The Netherlands?

Holiday Park De Lindenberg is the perfect place for this. This holiday park for seniors offers all ingredients needed for a carefree holiday. The ground-floor bungalows and the forested surroundings will give you the optimal holiday feeling. Experience it for yourself during your weekend away or a longer holiday in Overijssel.

πŸ“† At which holiday park for seniors can I book a last-minute?

Would you like to get away at the last moment? At De Lindenberg, you can book a last-minute to Overijssel. Take your pick from the offer of bungalows suitable for two to eight persons, and enjoy your last-minute holiday at our holiday park for seniors.

βœ… Which holiday park offers ground-floor bungalows?

The bungalows at De Lindenberg are all ground-floor, and there are several modified bungalows as well, to allow guests with a disability or seniors with decreased mobility to enjoy their senior holiday in Twente free of worries.

πŸšΆβ€β™€ Where can I book an active holiday for seniors?

For an active holiday, De Lindenberg is the place to be. Our holiday park in Salland is situated on the edge of the Salland Hill Ridge, meaning your can easily go on long cycling or hiking trips through nature. At the end of the day, you can relax wonderfully at one of our comfortable bungalows.

🚲 Which holiday park for seniors has a charging point for my bicycle?

All holiday homes in Overijssel at De Lindenberg have a bicycle storage with a charging point. This way, you can easily bring your own e-bike during your senior holiday in The Netherlands, and charge it at your holiday home.