Update 02 June:

On April 22, the safety region decided to reopen holiday resorts. This means that we're allowed to welcome you again, and we're incredibly happy about that! It's not without a reason that, for many years, our slogan has been: Peace, atmosphere, and privacy

We do everything we can to make sure that your holiday will be as good and safe as possible. As you know, all of our bungalows are detached and located on very spacious plots, allowing you to enjoy nature from your own terrace. Fortunately, you can even park your car by the bungalow.

Because we are a small-scale holiday resort, we can keep almost all of our facilities open, as long as we comply with the RIVM guidelines. That said, the 1.5-meter distance rule must be complied with at all times. You can still pick up your fresh buns, buy a newspaper, or rent bikes at the reception. Naturally, the same holds true for meals and/or snacks at the brasserie. You can also take a seat on our terrace again for a drink or even dinner.
The heated outdoor swimming pool is opened but is subject to certain conditions. The most important one is the 1.5-meter distance rule in the pool for people over 12 years old. You will receive more information about this upon arrival.

We shall do everything to ensure compliance with the 1.5-metre distance rule. This is a requirement for you, but also for ourselves and our employees.

Only 1 person may visit the reception at the same time, and a one-way walking system is in place. We also have several hygiene stations where you can disinfect your hands. For your safety as well as ours, the reception desk is equipped with screens. If many people arrive at the same time, or if the weather is nice, the reception will be outside instead.

Hygiene is always our number one priority. We believe it's a very important factor at a small-scale family resort. These days, we are paying even more attention to it, not only in the bungalows, but also at the reception and the brasserie.

Physical exercise is healthy:
While you can always relax, you can also go for a bike ride or a hike in the beautiful surroundings. From the holiday resort, you can go anywhere without ending up in crowded places. Holten is home to more natural beauty than just the Salland Ridge (the Holterberg). You will find several pretty hamlets, each with its own character. Or alternatively, you could visit 'De Borkeld' nature reserve. All within cycling distance.

Now what?
We may have reopened and are now able to welcome you, but we understand that your holiday will be different from what you had in mind initially. Unfortunately, this will not change anytime soon. We ask you to stay positive, like we are. Try to think in opportunities instead of restrictions, and enjoy the beautiful things in life.
You will soon find out that there are still plenty of great things for you to do, although we do realize that this may require some adjusting from you. We hope that you're willing to do so! At least we won't stand in the way, because we shall do our very best to make your time with us a great one. And that's a promise! We look forward to welcoming you with a smile soon.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask, we're happy to assist you.

Jacob and Anneke of Lindenberg

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