1. Beautiful trail
  2. Beautiful surroundings
  3. Natural altitude differences
  4. Well organized

Diepe Hel Holterberg Run

Did you know that the track of one of the nicest and most beautiful running events in the Netherlands passes right by our holiday park? We are of course talking about the Diepe Hel Holterberg Run, which is held each year in October. So if you want to experience the Diepe Hel run as a participant or as a spectator, a stay at our park is ideal for you.

Run across the Salland Ridge National Park, even along trails that run right through the heart of the park. You’ll only have this opportunity once a year, and that’s during the Diepe Hel Holterberg Run, also known as the Diepe Hel Run. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while running a track of 1, 6, 10 km or half a marathon, and test your endurance. That’s probably music to the ears, but you still need a base camp, and and you’ll find the perfect one with us at De Lindenberg.

  • Experience the Diepe Hel Run up close
  • Get ready and rest up in a comfortable bungalow
  • The Diepe Hel Run track is just around the corner
  • Holiday park suitable for the entire family
  • Bungalows for small and large groups

Registrations are open until October 16 at www.diepehelholterbergloop.nl

Diepe Hel Holterberg Run package

Enjoyment around the Diepe Hel Holterberg run.

This running event has long had an established name in the Netherlands. Hundreds of athletes flock to Holten each year to participate in this fantastic competition. Our park serves as the perfect base camp. Even if you’re no athlete yourself, and are coming to cheer on a friend. You’ll find our bungalow park equipped with all amenitiesto guarantee you a wonderful holiday, such as a swimming pool, our ownbrasserie, playgrounds, and much more.