De Lindenberg
Rent a holiday home during New Year's

Few fireworks vacation park

  • Rent a holiday home for New Year's Eve
  • Fireworks-free holiday park
  • Location in a beautiful natural area

Rent a house at New Year's Eve

Would you like to enjoy a holiday at New Year's Eve? Do you want to celebrate the New Year somewhere else than at home? Come to Holiday Park De Lindenberg and choose to rent a house for New Year's Eve at our small-scale holiday park in Twente where peace and privacy are very important. You will not only benefit from the peace and quiet at our holiday park in Salland , but you will also make your pets very happy. Take a break at New Year's Eve and choose peace and quiet at our holiday park. Everything is possible, because our holiday park is very suitable for both young families and seniors. Choose to rent a house at New Year's Eve at De Lindenberg and experience an unforgettable New Year's Eve!

✓ Holiday park near the Holterberg

✓ Inexpensive prices during the Christmas holidays

✓ A lot of peace, space and privacy

Those who have visited our park before know that there is a lot of nature in the vicinity. That automatically means that it is also a lot quieter around the turn of the year. Do you want to go on vacation for New Year's Eve, and are you looking for a peaceful environment? If so, our park is an absolute must. Not only will you be relieved of the stress from loud firework bangs and explosions, but a bungalow is also the perfect place to celebrate the turn of the year with your loved ones.

  • Come to us for your New Year's vacation
  • Fireworks-sheltered park in a tranquil environment
  • No bother from loud fireworks in the park
  • Cozy bungalow in a lovely vacation park
  • Sharp rates during the holidays

Weekend away during New Year's

Although we are a fireworks-free park, this doesn't mean that there are no fireworks in the surroundings. We are a firework-free park in an area with not a lot of fireworks. However, sound unfortunately doesn't know barriers, so you will be able to hear firework sounds in the park. The experience from the past is that New Year's is very calm here. Are the children so enthusiastic about fireworks and do you still want to admire fireworks during New Year's Eve? Then you can visit the fun placesRaalte or Rijssen and enjoy the beautiful colors of the fireworks. If you choose for a few days away during New Year's, you won't have to feel bored at holiday park De Lindenberg thanks to the beautiful surroundings. Visit the authentic city Deventer. You are guaranteed to enjoy a delicious "oliebol" there. New Year's without "oliebollen" is of course impossible! Do you want to rent a home during New Year's for the whole family? The kids will enjoy themselves a lot at our child-friendly park thanks to the many facilities, such as our animation team and our indoor playground. All in all, do you want to go on holiday during New Year's? Then come to holiday park De Lindenberg and enjoy your peace and privacy.