Below are the opening times of Brasserie De Borkeldthe reception, and subtropical swimming paradise "De Scheg".
For the best day trips or activities, you should read the posters on the publication board. You will find this is at the central parking lot.

The leaflets at the reception or also have great tips.

Opening times reception
Friday: From 9 AM


We can be reached by telephone for emergencies or malfunctions. 0548-365365


Snacks takeaway is available every day except Tuesday. The order list is waiting for you at the snack counter.


Have you just come back from a nice cycling or hiking trip?

...then come and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, fresh tea, or an excellent glass of wine. We also serve various appetizers and traditional croquettes. You can also sit on the partly covered terrace in all weather conditions.

There is an AED in the reception.
For emergencies: always call 112 first (emergency telephone number)

then 06 30 38 78 39 (manager)

Enjoy a wonderful day out at "de Scheg"
*) Parent & child swimming. A fun morning with your child (up to 4 years old) in the leisure pool with fun playing materials.

For detailed opening times of all pools, see:

You will find "De Scheg" at the Piet van Donkplein 1 in Deventer.
Directions: Drive through Holten until you pass under the railway viaduct. Then drive towards Deventer. This is the N344. Follow this road, and you will see "De Scheg" on your right-hand side.Think of your speed!

You can pick up your tickets at the Reception. These are provided per day. If you want swimming tickets for Sunday, it would be best if you pick them up on Saturday. This is because of the opening times of the reception and the swimming pool on Sunday.





Only for guests of "De Lindenberg", you can use our WiFi network with your own laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone. Also in and around your bungalow. Your access code can be requested at the reception for a small fee. € 4.50 for a day, € 7.50 for a weekend/midweek, and € 10 for a week. Free WiFi is available in the restaurant and computers are also available for free. So you do not have to miss anything from your holiday address and you can plan your own cycling and/or car route.


Between the parking lot and the tennis court, you will find the environmental street. We collect paper, glass, plastic, and residual waste separately. Empty batteries can be returned at the reception. To save energy, we request that you do not leave your outdoor light on during the day and lower the heating if you are not in the bungalow.



You have paid the stay rate per person on the basis of the number of people you have indicated in advance for the bungalow during your holiday. That is why we ask you kindly, but urgently, to report any extra persons or visitors in advance or on arrival at the reception. This is due to the explosive increase in some costs. We charge € 1.25 per day, for a guest that stays overnight, we ask a contribution of € 2.95 per night. Only this way can we keep prices as low as possible in the future. Thanks for your cooperation.



If you find defects in, on, or around the bungalow during your stay, please inform the reception as soon as possible. Do not wait until you leave again. This is due to practical as well as organizational reasons. Thanks for your cooperation.



You can feed the goats, geese, chickens and ducks in the animal park your leftovers. The animal park is at the main entrance.
Do not throw out any food leftovers in the forest or around your bungalow!
If you do this, there is a possibly that pests can be attracted.


Due to the pressure sewer in this outdoor area, we kindly request you not to flush (baby) wipes etc. through the toilet.
The sewer pump cannot grind these down and therefore get stuck!


Please ensure that the final dishes are done at the time of your departure. This also applies to any dishwasher in your bungalows. It should not still be running or be full after your departure. This way we can keep the prices as low as possible for you in the future. If the dishes are not done, then we are forced to charge 20 euros.
Thanks for your cooperation.


All types of CL, F, and G bungalows are equipped with a washing machine and a dryer. At the reception you can purchase laundry tablets. These laundry tablets can also be used for the washing machines in the launderette.


We wholeheartedly encourage the use of electric bikes and scooters. You can charge these devices in the bungalow at no extra cost. But charging electric/hybrid cars is not allowed on our power network from a cost point of view.