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  • Discover the beautiful nature of Twente
  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Holiday park in Twente for everyone

Twente feels like coming home. The hospitality of the people in Twente and the diverse landscape are unique in the Netherlands. People from Twente are known to share all the good things with those who know to appreciate it. Twente is proud, but without outward ostentation or show. Through the fresh fervour of its people, each visit to this part of Overijssel is different and special.

Holiday park De Lindenberg lets you experience Twente in one of our bungalows. Because of the central location of holiday park De Lindenberg, you can explore Twente optimally. Twente offers you the best facilities for walking and cycling. This is true thanks to its varied landscape. Click here to view a summary of our special prices for people over 50 or for young families, or see the special offers

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Holiday in Twente for 2 people

There are plenty of things you can do in the surroundings of our holiday resort in Overijssel. But of course a holiday is never complete without a lot of comfort. That is why all of our bungalows at our holiday resort in Twente are equipped with all conveniences, so you can enjoy your couples holiday in Twente to the fullest. Each bungalow has a cozy sitting area with a gas fireplace, a living room with a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom. Outside you will find a spacious terrace with garden furniture. The bungalows also come with at least 400 m2 of private garden, so that you can fully enjoy privacy together.

And there is also plenty for you to do during your couples holiday in Twente at our resort. In fact, there is an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a mini golf course, and our very own bike rental. De Lindenberg is a family friendly holiday resort, but it is also very suitable for active seniors.

Our facilities at a glance:

  • Outdoor swimming pool and water playground
  • Indoor and outdoor playground
  • Enthusiastic animation team
  • Living room De Borkeld
  • Sports field and tennis court
  • Bicycle rental

Impression of your holiday in Twente

Bungalow park Twente

There is a lot to do in the vicinity of our holiday park in Overijssel. However, a holiday is naturally not complete without plenty of comfort. That is why all our bungalows in our bungalow park in Twente are equipped with many amenities so that you can optimally enjoy your holiday in Twente. There is plenty to do in our holiday park in Twente. There is, among other things, a heated outdoor swimming pool, various indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a tennis court, a miniature golf course, and a private bicycle rental. We also have special facilities for specific target groups. We are a child-friendly holiday park and our holiday park for seniors is also suitable. We are sure that we do not have to give any more reasons to visit our bungalow park in Twente!

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