Holidaypark De Lindenberg



Bungalow park De Lindenberg offers the possibility of making simple, secure reservations online. You'll go through the reservation process in only a few steps and will be informed, before finalizing the reservation, whether the bungalow chosen by you is free and what the total costs will be. This ensures you don't encounter any unpleasant surprises later. After we receive and process your reservation, you will be sent a reservation confirmation. This will list all your details and wishes in an organized overview. The amount of any advance payment will also be stated on this confirmation. Upon arrival you will receive the invoice and any outstanding amount will be settled. Paying by card is possible. However, in order to be able to help you and others more quickly, we would recommend to transfer the remaining amount at least 14 days before arrival.


Participating in the cancellation insurance policy is recommended, but not obligatory. It might save you a lot of financial agony. The costs for participating are 6% of the rent, at a minimum of € 28.50 per bungalow. Please note! A total maximum of € 1500 can be insured. Beyond that, as usual, no insurance tax and initial commission is charged. Participation in the insurance policy can only be arranged at the time of reservation of the bungalow(s).


You can move in to the rented bungalow from 15:00. Should you arrive before this time, our catering will be happy to provide a nice cup of coffee or another option from our varied (lunch) menu. You can collect the key at reception until 19:00. If you expect to arrive later, please discuss it with us in advance.
On the day of departure, please hand in the key before 10:30.


Your initial shopping can conveniently be done in the cozy and beautiful village of Holten. The center is located at about 1.5 km from bungalow park "De Lindenberg" and offers a diverse range of shops. Parking is free here. Holten offers an Aldi, an Albert Heijn and a COOP for buying groceries. At a small fee, you can have your groceries delivered by COOP. COOP and Albert Heijn are openend until 21:00 on Friday night. Late night shopping is on Thursday nights and the market opens on Friday afternoons.


As a result of the explosively increasing electricity prices, we kindly request to notify reception of your visit. Per person per day (whether small or large), a fee of € 1.00 is charged to help finance the costs. Any visitors you may have are allowed to sleep over, as long as the total number of persons staying over does not exceed the total number of sleeping spots offered (this rule is due to technical license limitations). The costs are € 2.95 per person per night. Visitors include any person who is not booked for the entire rental period.


A maximum of two pets are allowed per bungalow. Per pet, we will charge € 4.75 per night. Pets must be on a leash when outside of the bungalow, and it goes without saying that they must not cause any inconvenience to other guests. You will have to provide your own basket or blanket. Visitors are not permitted to bring any pets.

INTERNET (WiFi) in and around your bungalow

Exclusively as a guest of Holiday Resort De Lindenberg, you can make use of our WiFi network (using your own laptop, tablet or smart phone). This also includes within your bungalow. Not only can you view and send your own emails, you can also do your research regarding the activities available in the area. Of course, you will be able to plan your own bicycle, hiking and driving routes (please don't forget your own login credentials for web mail). 
So you won't have to miss anything while at your holiday address.


All beds are provided with duvets, 1 flannel and 1 or 2 synthetic pillows with cover (synthetic to accommodate for CARA).


You can bring your own bed linen or make a reservation for it ahead of time during booking.
The fee for this is € 8.00 per person. You can also opt to have the beds made for you. The fee for this is € 4.25 per bed.


Feel free to use our modern laundry facilities during your stay. We offer the possibility to wash, centrifuge and dry. Ironing is free. Due to the surroundings, visitors are not permitted to hang laundry outside, unless at the provided drying rack.

Bungalow CL. F and G are equipped with a washing machine and dryer. Naturally, their use is free.


An entertainment team is present during the summer season.


Tents (large or small) are not permitted at the bungalow. For the benefit if the lawn, please place any umbrellas and/or children's pools back on the terrace at night.


The animal pen is composed of small livestock (goats, chickens, rabbits, geese, ducks, etc..)


Our 18-hole mini golf course is open all year round.


Especially bungalow type F is suitable for those with physical limitations. Meaning that there are no thresholds in the bungalow, no step-in shower, brackets can be mounted on request (almost) anywhere, beds can be heightened, etc.
We also maintain a solid cooperation with CARINOVA. This is the regional home care organization. They are able to offer you all the aid you need. This includes heightened toilets and high/low beds, wheelchairs and walkers. It's also possible to have oxygen delivered. We will make sure the items will be waiting for you in your bungalow.


Various kinds of bicycle for all ages can be rented with us. We also offer tandems, mountain bikes and electrical bicycles. It is advisable to make a reservation for the latter in advance. Seats - for front and/or back - can be rented as well.


One car is allowed to be parked at every bungalow during the entirety of your stay, as long as it has been issued a parking card. This parking card will be given to you upon arrival. Due to fire prevention and emergency service concerns, it is not permitted to have more than one car parked at your bungalow. Any additional cars must therefore be parked at the central parking lot. Any trailers must also be parked centrally (after unpacking).
This too, is due to fire prevention concerns, as well as any gardening activities.
Bungalow park 'De Lindenberg' cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred by a car, trailer and/or any other vehicle at our park.


Our own heated swimming pool (26 °C) on the park premises for all ages! Free. Water depth ranging from 0.30 m to 1.40 m. The communal swimming pool is located at a distance of 1 km.


Situated near the restaurant.


For speedy reception of your own mail, the address is:
Borkeldsweg 57, 7451 TA in Holten, attention of ..........................
Any Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, Trouw and Volkskrant coupons can be redeemed with us.