1. Good connection
  2. Holten has its own NS train station
  3. Flexbus stop (208) at the park

Public transport

Do you want to travel by public transport? Holiday park De Lindenberg can also be conveniently accessed by public transport. Holten has its own train station, located between Deventer and Enschede and therefore easy to reach.

New! The flexbus

There is also the possibility to take the local bus to a number of destinations in Rijssen-Holten. The Lindenberg has its own bus stop (stop 208). You decide what time and to which another stop the bus has to go.
So let's go to the market in Rijssen or center of Holten or the Holterberg you determined. The ride is easy to book through our reception, the TwentsFlex app, but you can also call. A ride costs only € 2, - p.p.
. (Wheelchairs are also available)

More information about the flexbus

Public transportation

Do you want to travel by public transportation? Holiday Park De Lindenberg is easily accessible by public transportation. Holten has its own train station, which is located between Deventer and Enschede, which makes it easy to get to.

Free pick up and drop off service

You will be picked up at the train station (Holten) or dropped off at the train station for FREE on the booked arrival and departure day. Call the reception (+31 (0)548-365-365) and we will make sure that you and your luggage are picked up as quickly as possible


There is also a bus stop next to Holiday Park De Lindenberg. The stop is called "Borkeld". This bus goes to Holten, Deventer, Rijssen, Markelo, Hengelo, Enschede, etc. This makes it possible to go on excellent trips in Twente and Salland by public transportation.

Neighborhood Bus

You also have an option to go to many destinations in Rijssen-Holten via the local bus. You can decide for yourself when you want to be picked up and where you want the bus to drop you off. Nice if you want to go to the market in Rijssen, the center of Holten, or the Holterberg. You can easily book the bus via the TwentsFlex app, but you can also make calls. A ride only costs €2

On holiday with public transportation