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Privacy statement


When you make use of the services of vacation park De Lindenberg, it is necessary that we register some personal data of you. It is our policy to process your data extremely carefully and transparently.
With this privacy statement, we want to inform you about the objectives and manner of processing your personal data. 
This privacy statement is applicable to all personal data we process when you book with us, make use of our services, visit our website or when we have contact. 
This privacy statement has last been revised on 12-11-2019 and replaces all previous versions of this privacy statement. 

Table of contents
Who are we                                    
Which data do we collect and why?                  
When booking a holiday accommodation      
Contact with our employees                        
When filing a complaint                           
As part of our marketing activities                    
For sending surveys and participating in research      
Use website                                
Analyses for management information purposes                
During your stay at a Roompot Vacation Park
Data we receive from third parties                   
What are the basics?                            
To which parties do we transfer your personal data?            
How long do we keep your data?                        
Where do we keep your data?                        
What are your rights?                                
Right of access, rectification, limitation, removal                
Right to withdraw permission                    

Who are we? 

Vacation Park De Lindenberg wants to give you the perfect holiday. The following entities are responsible for the correct processing of your personal data:
1. Bungalowpark De Lindenberg b.v. 
2. MLG beheer b.v.

Which data of you do we collect and why? 

Your personal data is mainly processed by us to give you the perfect holiday. We would like to build a lasting relationship with you, so we can service you in the future and make you offers based on your interests or booking history.

When booking a vacation accommodation 

When you book one of the accommodations we have on offer, we standard register the details required to make the accommodation available to you. We offer the accommodations for rent ourselves, but are also offered by our partners. In the case you make a booking with one of our partners, this privacy statement is applicable as well. We will point this out again when we have received your data, unless it would require a disproportional effort to keep you informed or if the information is confidential.  

Booking data 
Booking data are data about the holiday you booked with us, such as the type of accommodation, arrival data, departure date, travel company and preferences. To process your booking, we register these details in our booking system. 

Name and contact details
We need your name and contact details to register your booking in our booking system and for registration in the required night register, but also for declaration of tourist tax. If certain things cannot be sent by email, we will send it by regular mail to the address you provided. Think about things such as a personalized key card which you sometimes receive prior to your stay, with which you can check in quickly and at any time you want. 

Telephone number and email address 
The confirmation of your booking will be sent to the email address you provided, as well as interesting information about the park you will be staying at and the surroundings. In case we have questions shortly before your stay, we will call you 

Date of birth
Bookings can only be done by persons older than 21years. By providing your date of birth, we will verify if you are authorized to make a booking. 

Bank account number 
Payment of your booking can be done in our secure payment environment or by means of a bank transfer 
It is possible that a deposit is charged for the accommodation or that you must cancel your stay. 
We only register your bank account number for refunding the deposit or in case of erroneous overpayment. We will never withdraw an amount from your account without your explicit permission. If you want to pay by credit card, your details will be transferred to the financial company processing the payment. We have no access to your credit card details at any point, but we are able to see if you have paid with a credit card. 

Rental agreement
Are you renting on of our holiday homes for a longer period of time, we will draw up a rental agreement which you have you to sign.

My “De Lindenberg” (not yet available)  
After booking a holiday with us, you can activate your personal 'My De Lindenberg' (*not yet available). With 'My De Lindenberg' , you can access and change your own details, and arrange your holiday affairs online until 1 day before arrival. For this, we register the details you have provided when booking. You can also see your booking history in 'My De Lindenberg'. 

Contact with our employees 

Our customer service is ready for you if you have a question about your booking or your stay. We offer you various contact methods. 

Online contact 
If you contact us using the contact form on the website, your salutation, name, contact details and question or remark will be registered. 
In case of a question via social media or online chat, your name, email address and content of the conversation will be registered. The same applies when you send us an email. Registering the data is necessary to communicate with you, but also enables us to answer your question quickly and efficiently and look up your details.

WhatsApp (not yet available)
We are also available via WhatsApp.To be able to communicate with you via WhatsApp, we need to register your telephone number. We can also use the content of the conversation for training purposes.

Telephone contact 
We can record telephone conversations for quality control and training purposes. You will always be informed beforehand if the conversation is recorded. The recordings are kept for a short period and then automatically removed. When you contact our customer service, we can ask you a number of control questions to make sure your details are not given to someone else.

When filing a complaint 

In the unfortunate case you have a complaint, you can file this at our reception. We will register your name and the complaint, so we can process it. 

As part of our marketing activities 

If you have made a booking with Vacation Park De Lindenberg, or have registered for our newsletter on the website, we will use your email address to send our (personalized) newsletters. Personal newsletters are newsletters relating to vacations similar to previously booked vacations or which match the interests you provided regarding vacations. In this way, you will not receive unnecessary emails. You are of course not obliged to provide your interests when we ask you. We will maximally send two newsletters per month. When you receive our newsletter, we can see if you have received and opened the newsletter and whether you have clicked on a link in the newsletter.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the link in the newsletter. 

Advertisements on other platforms 
We will also use your email address to show you advertisements on social media matching your interests. We can never see which advertisements are shown to which person or whether there is a social media account linked to your email address. Let us know if you do not want to see personalized advertisements on social media.

When you visit our website ( , we make use of cookies to show you personalized advertisements on other websites. You can read more about this in our Cookie Policy.

For sending surveys and participation in research

We would like to know how you have experienced the booking process and your subsequent stay. After your stay, you will receive a request to fill out a survey. Your evaluation about your stay will be internally used to improve our service, anonymized in mail and advertisements and will be published on our website ( with only your initials.

Besides the surveys you will receive, we may invite you for other research related to your stay. You are not obliged to participate of course. If you do, will will ask you about your booking history rand experiences elating to your stay at vacation park De Lindenberg, so we can guarantee quality and representativeness of our research. We will use the results to improve our service.

Use website 
If you make use of our website, we will automatically store certain information. This can be the URL you are coming from, the URL you are going to, which browser you use, your IP address and the date and time you accessed our website. We also collect information about the hardware, software and internet browser you use. We use this information as a part of normal use and management of our website and are permitted to release this information grouped. By grouping, it becomes impossible to trace information to an individual user. We are not interested in information relating to the identity of a visitor of our site. Vacation Park De Lindenberg is interested in information relating to the use of the site, such as: how many visitors? What are the peak hours and which pages are visited the most 

Vacation Park De Lindenberg makes use of cookies and other technology on the website. We refer to our Cookie Policy for more information 

Analyses for management information purposes
Information such as the province and the country you are living as well as the family composition can be used for performing analyses for management information purposes. Your information will be used completely anonymized and cannot be traced to you. 

During your stay at Vacation Park De Lindenberg
During your stay at our vacation park we may process additional data 

Online supermarket (not yet available)
prior to your vacation, you can already order online groceries. You will have to log in with your reservation number, zip code and house number, after which the assortment available on the vacation park you will be staying. You order will be stored with your booking and confirmed per email. The invoice for your purchases will be sent to the email address you provided after your stay.

Camera surveillance
For the safety of our employees, guests and the properties on our vacation park, we have installed security cameras on a number of places. All cameras have been placed in visible locations. Click here for the protocol camera surveillance.

It is possible that we want to make pictures and/or videos of you and your children during activities and place these on social media, websites or in print. We will always request prior permission. 

Data we receive from third parties 
sometimes we receive information not directly from you, but from a different party, for example when you make a booking for one of our accommodations through one of our partners, this partner will forward certain information to us.  In this way, we can register and process your booking. Questions or changes relating to your booking or stay can also be forwarded. If reasonably possible, we will inform you of this. All information received from third parties can be combined with information you have provided.

What are the basics? 

Required for execution of the agreement 
When processing your personal data, we comply with the regulations of the GDPR. There is always a basis for processing your personal data. Your data is mostly processed when entering into a rental agreement. We require this information to execute the agreement between you and vacation park De Lindenberg. The same applies in case you want to take out an insurance with us. If you do not provide the required personal data, you cannot use our services. 

Justified interests 
There is a justified interest for Vacation Park De Lindenberg for processing your information for the purposes of sending surveys and to carry out research. In this way, we are able to continuously improve our services. 

Processing your personal data for the purposes of sending our newsletters or showing specific advertisements is done with a view to direct marketing. 

We process your details in case of contact with one of our employees, so we are able to quickly process your questions, complaints or remarks. It also enables us to build a lasting relationship with you. 

The cameras on our vacation park are required for guaranteeing the safety of our employees, our guests and the protection of our properties. 

Legal obligations 
Processing of some of your information is also required to meet legal obligations. For example, we are legally obliged to register your name, place of residence, arrival and departure date in the night register. 

Should we require more information from you, we will always ask your permission. For example, for the making and publishing of pictures during events in one of our parks.

To which parties will your personal data be transferred?

The mandatory declaration of tourist tax is done based on the information you provided. It is possible that the authorities want to check our declaration, and we have to provide access to some of your personal data at that moment. Which data depends on the demands of the authorities. In any case, access will be limited to your name, zip code, place of residence, date of birth, family composition, date of arrival and departure. After making a reservation, we will store your information in our reservation system so we can be prepared for your arrival.

After your stay, we will ask you to fill out a survey. Of course, you are not obliged to participate. The filled out survey can be placed on our website. Your opinion can be shared with the management, park manager and employees of Vacation Park De Lindenberg. 

For managing our systems and supplying our services, we make use of third parties, such as IT suppliers. We also make use of the services of third parties to guarantee safety in our parks. We make sure these third parties process your information correctly, in as far as we can determine. 

For showing personalized advertisements on social media, your email address can be forwarded to the relevant social media channel. 

In the case you unexpectedly not pay your invoices timely, we will be forced to pass the claim to a collection agency or summoner. The information required to collect the claim will be forwarded to the collection agency or summoner. 

In some cases, we are legally obliged to forward personal data to third parties. The tax authorities can request all information which may pertain to taxation. 

Data collected by cookies can be shared with the parties which place the cookies. Read more about this in our Cookie Policy.

How long do we keep your data? 

We will not keep your data for longer than necessary for realizing our objectives, which have been included in this privacy statement, unless we are obliged to keep this data for a longer period based on legal obligations. Information regarding the agreement concluded with you which we process in our reservation system will be anonymized at the latest 7 years after our relationship has ended. We assume our relationship has ended at the moment that you will not make a new booking in the following 7 years or when the agreement between you and Vacation Park De Lindenberg has been canceled by one of the parties.  

Financial Data 
We will keep our financial administration for 10 years. This means we will keep all your data and documents pertaining to financial transactions between you and Vacation park De Lindenberg for ten years after your stay. This also includes the data regarding an insurance you have taken out.

Data we register during contact moments 
Contact moments with our customer service via the chat are deleted within fourteen days after the contact moment, unless the content of the messages can be important to your booking or for future bookings. 
Recorded telephone conversations and WhatsApp conversations will be deleted within three months. Emails sent or received by us and filled complaints will kept for maximally ten years. 

Reviews you place on our website will be kept for two years after the review has been placed. 

Camera images
Camera images will be kept for maximally 28 days. 

Data processing with your permission 
Personal data we process with your permission will be stored and processed until the moment you withdraw your permission.

Where do we store your data? 

We can transfer and store the information we collect about you in countries other than the country in which the information was collected, including the United States and other destinations outside the European Union. 

What are your rights? 

Right to access, rectification, limitation, removal 

If your personal data is processed by Vacation Park De Lindenberg, you have the right to receive a copy of the information collected about you. You also have the right to receive your information in a structured, common and machine readable format. You can direct such a request to email address:
You can also send your request in writing to Vakantiepark De Lindenberg, Borkeldsweg 57, 7451 TA HOLTEN. Vacation Park De Lindenberg will respond to your request within a month. 

You can also access and correct your data on 'My De Lindenberg’. 

If the copy shows incorrect or incomplete information or in your opinion do not belong in the database of Vacation Park De Lindenberg, given the purpose of the registration, you can request Vacation Park De Lindenberg to adjust, remove or limit the data. You also have the right to object to processing of your data. For such requests, you can also use the above mentioned (email) address.  

When you request us to adjust or remove data necessary for the execution of the agreement, it can result in no longer being able to use our services.

Right to withdraw your permission

When you have given permission for processing your personal data, you have the right to withdraw your permission at all times. We will then no longer process the data processed based on your permission. 


If you have a complaints about the manner we process your personal data, you can inform us by sending an email to or send a letter to Vakantiepark De Lindenberg, Borkeldsweg 57 7451 TA  HOLTEN. We will do our utmost to rectify your complaint. You also have the right to file your complaint with the national supervising authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.