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Renting holiday park at a magnificent nature reserve

Holiday park in a beautiful nature area

We all love holidays. Yet everyone has different needs and requirement. One person wants to have something to do every day, while another person likes to relax and is looking for peace... No matter which type of holidaymaker you are, we have the perfect destination for you. Because if you book a bungalow on holiday park De Lindenberg —and that is possible for a very competitive price— you can do whatever you want.

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a suitable holiday destination. Water, nature, cities: they can all be high on a wish list. It is therefore difficult to find a destination that appeals to everyone, especially if you want to go on holiday with a family. However, this is not the case at holiday park De Lindenberg. With us you will find everything, without having to drive far.

  • Bungalow in nature
  • Swimming pool on the park grounds
  • Miles of cycling and hiking trails
  • Cozy villages and towns nearby
  • Ultimate hospitality

Enjoy a bungalow with the family

Do you already see yourself reading a book in a luxurious holiday home in Overijssel? And your children playing in nature? Well, that can be a reality with us, because not only you, but your whole family will have a great time with us. It is for a very good reason that we have set up our holiday park near Hellendoorn to receive various types of guests. For example, we have a child-friendly holiday park in the Netherlands and our holiday park is very suitable for seniors, too. And if you still lack something? Then we will simply make sure that it is arranged!

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Enjoying a vacation in a bungalow with the family

Can you envision yourself reading a book in front of a luxuriously furnished bungalow? Your children playing in open nature? This is nothing more than reality at our park. Because not only you, but your entire family too will experience a wonderful time with us. For good reason, we've organized our park to be suited to welcoming different types of guest. This means, for instance, that young families are at the right place at holiday resort De Lindenberg, but active seniors will experience the ultimate holiday sensation as well. And is there something missing for you after all? We will simply arrange it for you!

Booking right away

Would you like to enjoy a wonderful vacation soon, one which is lacking in nothing? Make a reservation at this website for a stay at holiday resort De Lindenberg. You will find not only detailed descriptions of all of our accommodations, but also the best offers and favorable arrangements. And do you have any questions before you would like to make your reservation? Feel free to contact us, by telephone or via the chat box at this website. You will always receive a fast reply.

See you soon at our beautiful holiday resort!

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