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Bakery and Ice Cream Museum Hellendoorn

  • Unique museum in Hellendoorn
  • Baking bread and making ice cream over the years
  • Can be reached by bike

Bakery and Ice Cream Museum

Baking and making ice cream has been done for many centuries, but has been done in many different ways. You can see what this has looked like over the centuries in the Bakery and Ice Cream Museum in Hellendoorn. Definitely bring your children, because there is a lot to experience for both young and old!

In the old bakery on the Dorpsstraat in the charming town of Hellendoorn, you will find all kinds of baking and ice cream machines from a bygone era. Have you ever seen a dough kneader powered by a drive belt? Or an oil-fired oven? These are still used to make the famous Twente Krentenwegge pastries. You will also see the first imported ice cream maker in the museum, which could make 4000 ice creams per hour. You are probably starting to feel hungry already.

The Bakery and Ice Cream Museum is located in the center of Hellendoorn and can be reached on your bike or by car. Combine a visit to this unique museum with a bike ride through National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. At the end of the day you will come back tired, but certainly satisfied, to our small-scale holiday park. There you can enjoy your well-deserved rest in a completely renovated bungalow!

  • Unique museum in the center of Hellendoorn
  • Discover how the first ice creams were produced
  • Taste bread from an oil-fired oven
  • Fun and educational for both young and old
Bakery and Ice Cream Museum