De Lindenberg
Best day trip of Overijssel

Best day trip of Overijssel

according to the Royal Dutch Touring Club

Children's farm Dondertman Holten

  • Children's farm with a large playground and terrace
  • At cycling distance
  • Ideal trip with children

Dondertman petting zoo

Are you taking your children or grandchildren to holiday park De Lindenberg? In that case, a visit to the Dondertman petting zoo should not be missed. Because watching the animals, playing in the playground or eating delicious ice cream on the terrace, that's what every child wants, right? Everything is possible at Dondertman, and the petting zoo is also within cycling distance of our pleasant park.

Children's farm Dondertman has already been chosen twice as the best outing in Overijssel by the ANWB. And if you've been there once, you definitely know why. Not only are there rabbits, goats and even a few Scottish Highlanders, they also have a large playground where children can enjoy themselves for hours on end. And because of the beautiful location, in the middle of nature, you will also have a nice time.

Enjoy petting zoo Dondertman together

When your children are having fun during your holiday, then you are too. That's just how it is. Well, of course you will all enjoy yourselves at our cozy park. That said, a trip to Dondertman is also a very good idea. Because it is so much more than just a petting zoo.

Make a nice ride in a covered wagon through the area, feed the animals on the farm, play in the playground for hours, or have your children take part in one of the crafts afternoons: at petting zoo Dondertman, you can do it all. You can get to the petting zoo from our park within minutes, even by bike!

Dondertman Petting Zoo
Dondertman Petting Zoo