Holidaypark De Lindenberg

Cycling through stunning nature areas

  • Located at the cycle network
  • Bike rental with wide range of bikes (electric as well)
  • Bungalows with bike storage and a charging point
  • Good cycle paths

Do you like going on beautiful bicycle trips during a holiday? You've come to the right place. Because with Salland, Twente and Reggestreek in the area, the offer is not only wide, but also highly diverse. And because we know all the beautiful spots in the area, we can put together fantastic routes for you. On top of this, the surrounding area is suitable for bringing your children along while exploring it.

  • Diverse nature around bungalow park De Lindenberg
  • Great villages and cities within bicycle riding distance
  • Rent bicycles at the cozy bungalow park
  • Completely enjoying the peace and space
  • Composing your own route via various junctions

Bicycle ride through a beautiful area

In the area around our bungalow park a unique system of junctions has been created, making it possibility to compose your own route. You get to decide how long the trip will be and where it will take you. Of course we are happy to give you some advice.

The area also offers great routes for mountain bikers. The rolling landscape is perfect for a solid trip. We offer the possibility to rent mountain bikes.

Recreational bicycle riders will also be able to handle the hills in the area. And do you ride an electric bicycle? Our bungalow does not only offer rest for you, the battery of your bicycle can be charged as well.

Bicycle rental

Bungalow park "De Lindenberg" has maintained a close cooperation with Jan Stam bicycle rental. This ensures you are always guaranteed top quality bicycles and assistance in the case of a breakdown along the way.

Of course, you can simply pick a bicycle at De Lindenberg premises.

There's a broad range of options when it comes to the types of bicycle you can rent. This includes electric bicycles. Making a reservation is required for these!

Cycling Holten
Cycling Holten De Lindenberg