Holidaypark De Lindenberg
Diepe Hel Holterberg Run

Diepe Hel Holterbergloop

  • Trail is nearby
  • Bungalows for small and larger groups
  • 29 & 30 October 2022

Diepe Hel Holterbergloop

Did you know that the track of one of the Netherlands' nicest and most beautiful running events almost passes by our holiday park? We're talking about the Diepe Hel Holterbergloop, which is organised every year in October. If you'd like to be part of the Diepehelloop, whether as participant or as spectator, our park is a great place to stay.

Running through National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug, over the paths crossing trough the heart of the park. This is only possible once a year, during the Diepe Hel Holterbergloop, also called Diepehelloop. On a track of 1, 6, 10 km or a half marathon you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, while testing your own endurance. You probably like the sound of that, but you still need a base; you've found one in De Lindenberg.

  • Experience the Diepehelloop from closeby
  • Prepare and recover in a pleasant bungalow
  • The Diepehelloop track is around the corner
  • Holiday park for the whole family
  • Bungalows for small and larger groups

Book the Diepe Hel Holterbergloop package

This running event has certainly established its name in the Netherlands. Every year, hundreds of athletes come to Holten to be part of this fantastic race. Our park is the perfect place to use as a base. Also if you don't like running, but only want to encourage a friend. In our bungalow park you'll find all facilities for a couple of wonderful days, like a swimming pool, our own brasserie, playgrounds and much more.

You can register for this event until October 16th at