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Enterse Zomp

The Enterse zomp

River De Regge used to be a very important trade route across the water. Say what the highway is now. Everything was transported by means of special boats called Zompen. These "boats" or rather "barges" are all known to be made in Enter. There were 3 shipyards there. Hundreds were made.

You can view the shipyard and even sail with the Enterse Zomp. A unique experience about the "De Regge" river that is more than worth it. You even pass two weirs with the help of a overtoom. So you go out of the water by boat.

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Enterse Zomp
Enterse Zomp

Anyone can spend their holidays at Holiday Park De Lindenberg in Holten as they wish. Some want to relax and especially enjoy the peace and quiet while others enjoy going out and seeing and discovering as much as possible. It's all possible in De Lindenberg's holiday bungalows in Overijssel and the Enterse zomp is one of those things that you should see when you are on holiday in Twente.