Holidaypark De Lindenberg

Horseback riding on holiday

  • Equestrian centre 2 km away
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • For any level of rider
  • Accommodation of your own horse possible

Horseback riding on holiday

If there's one area in the Netherlands suitable for equestrian sports, it's the area around holiday park De Lindenberg. Horseback riding really is a treat here, with the large forests, vast heathland and rolling landscape. And you can also accommodate your won horse at the nearby equestrian centre!

Can you imagine? while you prepare your horse for a beautiful outdoor ride, you see the sun rise over the purple heathland. The temperature is nice and outside it's quiet and serene. You couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day to go horseback riding during your holiday. At holiday park De Lindenberg this can become reality. From our park, you can quickly reach the equestrian centre, where you can accommodate your own horse and from where you can enjoy great outdoor rides through the forest and along the heathland. And when you come back satisfied in the afternoon, you can fully unwind on our terrace. What else could you wish for?

  • Horseback riding on holiday
  • Lots of space for beautiful outdoor rides
  • Through forests and along heathland
  • Accommodate your horse in your own equestrian centre
  • Competitive rates for renovated accommodations
Availability, price and/or booking

Go horseback riding during your holiday from your own accommodation

Equestrian sports enthusiasts can certainly get their money's worth at De Lindenberg. Even more, there are enough tracks to take a different route every day. And do you feel like doing something else for a day? Both in and outside the park there are lots of things to do. For example, go swimming in our outdoor pool, or play tennis on our own tennis court. And are you coming together with children? They will enjoy themselves regardless the weather, because besides our playground we also have an indoor alternative. But of course you can also take them with you horseback riding during your holiday.

Book an accommodation now for a advantageous price and come enjoy the most beautiful area of the country for equestrian sports!

Horseback riding on holiday