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International Fire Department Museum Rijssen

  • Museum near Rijssen
  • Unique collection with international items
  • Can be reached within a few minutes

International Fire Department Museum in Rijssen

What could be more exciting than looking at the work of the fire department? Nothing. That is why the International Fire Department Museum Rijssen is one of the most popular day trips in the region. And this museum is very easy to reach, either by bike or by car, from holiday park De Lindenberg in Holten.

Firefighting helmets from China, age-old fire extinguishers and masks that protected against dangerous gases and fumes: there is a lot to see in the Fire Department Museum in Rijssen. And because the collection consists of totally unique items, not only will your (grand) children enjoy themselves, but so will you. You will also find the museum in one of the outbuildings of Havezathe de Oosterhof, a beautiful estate in Overijssel.

Combine the Fire Department Museum with a visit to the lively town center of Rijssen, where you can go shopping or relax on a cozy terrace. That makes this museum one of the most popular activities for visitors of our park. Within just a few minutes of cycling or walking, you will find yourself on a natural route to the museum. Book a fully renovated bungalow in Overijssel now, and discover the history of the fire department!

  • Unique collection with international items
  • Very interesting for both young and old
  • Meet the fire deparments of centuries ago
  • Located on a beautiful estate in the outskirts of Rijssen
International Fire Department Museum