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Museum 'Broer, a life-long farmer'

  • Museum in Holten
  • A look at the life of farmers in the past
  • Unique collection

Museum Broer, a life-long farmer

Farm life has played an important role in the culture of Twente and Salland for centuries. Therefore, there is nothing more fun taking a look at a real farmer. This is possible at Museum Broer, a life-long farmer in Holten, where you will learn about farming life throughout the ages. And the museum is within cycling distance from our park in Overijssel!

Take a look at the life's work of 'Broer' Pekkeriet, the farmer who created a large collection of old tools and machines during his lifetime. That collection became so big that Broer opened his own museum, which you can enjoy with your entire family. For example, learn about the various farming machines, such as the potato sizer-grader, the sulky rake, or the fork-type hay tedder. Your children will enjoy themselves, and you will too! young children can even go inside for free.

The museum Broer, a life-long farmer, is at cycling distance of holiday park De Lindenberg. Visit it during a beautiful trip through the natural environment. So when you return to your fully renovated bungalow in Twente, you will have plenty to talk about. That is an amazing vacation!

  • Unique collection about the work of a farmer
  • Created and managed by a real farmer
  • Take a look at ancient machines and tools
  • Combine a visit with a beautiful bike ride
Broer, a life-long farmer