De Lindenberg

Pelmolen Rijssen

  • Fully functioning windmill
  • Unique excursion for the family
  • Easily accessible from the park

Pelmolen Rijssen

Have you ever taken a look inside in a working windmill from 1752? From holiday park De Lindenberg, you will reach the Pelmolen in Rijssen, one of the most beautiful functioning windmills in the Netherlands. A unique excursion for the whole family!

This special piece of Twente history dates back to the mid-eighteenth century, when a citizen of Rijssen, Jan ter Horst, built the octagonal windmill. For years, oil was made from rapeseed and linseed here. This was until production was stopped in 1913. Luckily, the Pelmolen has been running like it used to since 1975. And that offers guests of holiday park De Lindenberg the unique opportunity to visit a mill that is fully operational. In favorable wind, oil from Linseed oil is still being extracted by the Twente millers.

From our small-scale holiday park you can reach the Pelmolen by bike through a beautiful nature route. Prefer to go by car? Then you will reach the old mill within minutes. Together with the beautiful nature reserves and many other excursion possibilities, this makes holiday park De Lindenberg the perfect destination for a vacation in the Netherlands!

Pelmolen in Rijssen