1. Unique hiking event
  2. Routes ranging from 12 to 40 km per day
  3. Near Holiday Park De Lindenberg

Salland Four Day Marches

Would you like to hike in the most beautiful nature areas of the Netherlands in October? Then the Salland Four Day Marches is the perfect event for you. Four days of hiking routes of 12 to 40 kilometers, with our holiday park in Overijssel as the perfect starting point!

During the Salland Four Day Marches you can enjoy hiking routes through nature reserves, along canals and through beautiful towns. Every day you will walk across another area in Twente, each with its own character. On the way you will, of course, pass the nicest resting points, where you can catch your breath.

This year there are also special kids routes of 8 kilometers available, so that your children can walk beautiful and accessible routes with their peers. If you want to take part, but you feel like the long distances are too difficult for you, then you are in luck. This year the organization will be offering tours of 12 kilometers for the first time.

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Staying near the Salland Four Day Marches

In 2020 the Salland Four Day Marches will be held from 13 to 16 October. Do not wait too long to book a starting permit. Would you like to spend the night near the four-day event? Holiday Park De Lindenberg is the ideal place, because this park is close to the multi-day event. Hike across the most beautiful routes through Salland during the day and then relax in a bungalow in Twente for 1 to 4 people on our beautiful holiday park. Book the special package for this event right away!

Salland Four Day Marches