• 15-minute drive
  • With whitewater course and family slide
  • Various swimming pools

When thinking of all the things you would like to be able to do during a holiday, swimming is likely to be one of the first to pop into your mind. This makes sense of course, as it is great fun for all ages. The fact that subtropical swimming paradise De Scheg is nearby, makes bungalow park De Lindenberg a perfect location for a holiday within the country. Because of the peace and cozy atmosphere at the park as well, of course. At a mere 15 minute drive from bungalow park Lindenberg, you will find subtropical swimming paradise De Scheg, the most beautiful one in Overijssel. Featuring a water ride of no less than 80 meters, a large family slide and various swimming pools, the pool guarantees a fantastic day for the entire family. The pool even offers a splashing island where the pool's smallest guests can play with real sand.

  • Subtropical swimming paradise De Scheg
  • At only a 15 minute drive from De Lindenberg
  • Excitement and spectacle at one of the many slides
  • Ideal outing for the whole family
  • Afterwards, enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant at the park
Subtropical swimming pool de Skeg