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Twickel Castle

Twickel Castle

  • Beautiful estate
  • Only a 20-minute drive
  • Unique nature reserves

Twickel Castle

Located on one of Twente's most famous estates, Twickel Castle offers the perfect starting point for a wonderful day in Twente nature. Not only is it a beautiful castle that is definitely worth a visit, but it is also surrounded by several beautiful nature reserves. The castle is very easy to reach from our holiday park in Overijssel; it is only a 20-minute drive.

A tour of the castle, a walk through the beautiful gardens. or a look at the traditional sawmill: Twickel Castle and the surrounding estate have a lot to offer for lovers of nature. Do not forget to hike through the adjacent forest, where routes have been set out for the whole family. And during a visit to Twickel, pay attention to the characteristic black-and-white shutters next to the windows. On the way back, you will see them everywhere on the original Twickel farms!

Twickel Estate is easy to reach by car from Holiday Park De Lindenberg, and guarantees a fun-filled day. Return to your bungalow in Overijssel in our park after your visit, and really enjoy your day in the middle of nature. You cannot find a better holiday anywhere else in the Netherlands!

Twickel Castle Delden Twente
Walkway at Twickel Castle Twente