Holidaypark De Lindenberg

World Timeline

  • Longest open-air time path in the world
  • 50 km in total
  • Entertainment for both young and old

What is the World Time Road?

The World Time Road is the longest outdoor time road in the world. It measures up to a total of 50 kilometers of time road divided into 9 loops and featuring a year pole every 25 meters. Attached to these year poles are cubes which can be turned. Every surface displays a short story related to the year corresponding to the year pole. One surface deals with world history, one surface with Europe, one surface with The Netherlands and one surface will be sure to deal with Overijssel, including Twente and Salland.

The world time road is suitable for all ages. For instance, you can look up your own year of birth or walk a themed route which will tell you everything about the industrial revolution, sports, space travel, Twente, music or another important era of history.